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Soft-Lite Doors

Kingsroyale Glide Room 2 Living Room red with grids 1

Soft-Lite has all your exterior door needs covered. Our wide range of doors includes:

  • Two exquisite vinyl patio door lines that offer custom sizing, superb energy efficiency and long-lasting durability.
  • ThermaTru fiberglass entry doors are second to none – a beautiful, strong and thermally efficient entry door that’s the best possible solution for your home.
  • StormWeld storm doors are designed to protect your primary door against the elements. They’re offered in traditional, contemporary and elegant styles — so there’s a door for any home décor!

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Patio Doors - Sliding Doors - Elegante

Patio Doors Sliding Doors Elegante

  • Thermally welded multi-chambered 5-5/8" vinyl frame provides superior strength and thermal insulation. The continuous double weather-stripping dramatically reduces air and water infiltration.
  • Interlocking meeting rail system with double weather-stripping for controlling infiltration of air, water, dust, and noise.
  • Anodized aluminum screen track, roller track, and threshold for increased strength , durability, and longevity along with an elegant appearance.
  • Standard installed handle/lock hardware.
  • Operating sash is equipped with adjustable, precision bearing tandem rollers for a smooth and quiet operation.
  • 4mm glass unit with our Heatseal Spacer which gives your home excellent thermal efficiency and drastic reduction of condensation.
  • Full length heavy gauge reinforcements in meeting rails and pull rail provide great rigidity and strength.


Glazing OptionU-ValueSHGCVTCREnergy Star
Comparison To
Energy Star Minimum
Dual Glazed              
Clear Glass 0.43 0.54 0.57 47 0.30 Does not qualify 
ESP Package 0.27 0.27 0.49 63 0.30 10% Better
Deluxe Package 0.26  0.27  0.49 63  0.30  13% Better
Triple Glazed              
ESP Package 0.20 0.23  0.38 68 0.30 33%  Better
Deluxe Package 0.19 0.23  0.38  70  0.30 37%  Better
Deluxe Package w/Krypton 0.16 0.23  0.38 70 0.30 47%   Better

U-Value, SHGC, VT, CR values may slightly change for windows made with GBG (Grids Between Glass)
SHGC - Solar Heat Gain Coefficient          
VT - Visible Transmittance            
CR - Condensation Resistance            
ESP - Energy Saving Package            
CIT - Currently In Test              
  * Northern Climate Zone          
      Industry Comparison To  
  OKNA Windows Minimum Industry Minimum  
AAMA Rating HR 60 HR 15      
Air Infiltration cam/ft2   0.06   0.3 500% Better
Water Penetration mph   59   33 79% Better  
Structural Integrity mph   187   94 99% Better  
Water Penetration mph - Specifies wind load pressure in mph window can withstand  
without leaking, under rain equivalent to 8" per hour.        
Structural Integrity mph - Wind load in mph the window can withstand before breaking.  

All result numbers are based on tested window sample by NFRC & AMMA testing window guidelines. Use for comparison
purposes only. Actual values may vary depending on installation, size of the window, and other conditions.

Albany Doors

Albany Doors

We sell Albany Door Company, Inc. products to give our customers the variety they deserve. Albany offers 25 different paint colors, 11 stain colors, and over 200 door styles fit for new construction or door replacement.

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