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Joe K.
We were in need of replacement windows for our home, 33 windows in all. Our original Semco wood casement windows were in bad shape. Most of the seals had gone bad so there was constant condensation between the panes and many of the frames had swelled so the windows were difficult, if not impossible, to open or close. We did a lot of research and entertained bids from seven companies. In the end we chose Meister Windows and Siding for a couple reasons.

All the other companies we contacted sent salespersons to present options and measure windows for estimates. Meister Windows and Siding was different. Allen, the owner, came out himself to present and measure. He was noticeably more thorough in his examination of our windows. He presented several options for our job that we would have never thought of and no other companies presented. Allen explained that the company was started by his father in 1963 and he worked with his father until taking over for him. He also explained that he and his son Shane would be doing the installation and that their business plan is for Shane to take over the business when Allen retires. Once we decided to use them, Allen and his son Shane came back to our house for final measurements. Again, they took a lot of time examining the construction to be sure the installation would go smoothly and discussed options we might be interested in pursuing.

Allen and Shane recommended Okna Series 700 casement windows for our job and demonstrated why they believe the Okna windows are the best windows for the price point. Their estimate was competitive but slightly higher than another company's estimate for a different but comparable brand of windows. Between the two companies we felt more comfortable with Meister Windows and Siding but cost was still an issue. Allen agreed to match the other company's price and we signed a contract.

When the windows arrived Allen and Shane spent 4 1/2 days on the installation. They were efficient and professional and cleaned up thoroughly at the end of each day. The windows look great. The interior trim is tight and the color match between existing trim, new trim, and new window is as good as can be expected given the windows are vinyl and the trim is wood. The exterior trim also looks very nice which is impressive since it is custom made from flat aluminum stock for each window. The bends and cuts are straight and symmetrical and the caulk work is excellent.

In the end we couldn't be happier with the experience. The house is quieter, we can see through the panes clearly, and have significantly improved the energy efficiency of the house.

Our reasons for choosing Meister Windows and Siding were:

1. We liked that the owners did the estimates and also the installation.

2. We liked the thoroughness of Allen's inspection.

3. We liked Allen's willingness to examine the project and suggest alternatives we wouldn't have thought of.

4. We liked their third generation family business story.

5. They just seemed like honest, down to earth people. Throughout the process it became more and more evident that this assessment was true.

We can't recommend Meister Windows and Siding highly enough. They're not the biggest or fanciest company, just an honest, hard working family business. If that appeals to you, give them a chance. You won't be disappointed.
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